AG Advisory Committee


Lenny Lewter
Bob Knauf
Gary Lewis
Scott Schumacher
Kenneth Alexander


The AG Advisory Board’s Role In The Property Tax System

Sec. 6.12 of the Texas’s Property Tax Code, requires the chief appraiser to appoint, with the advice and consent of the board of directors, an agricultural advisory board composed of three or more members as determined by the board. The agricultural advisory board members must be landowners of the district whose land qualifies for agricultural appraisal and who have been residents of the district for at least five years.

The agricultural advisory board meets at least once annually at the call of the chief appraiser, as required in Tax Code Section 6.12. By appointing the required agricultural advisory board and conducting the required annual meetings the board shall advise the chief appraiser on the valuation and use of land that may be designated for agricultural use. 

The legislature created this advisory board to help improve communications between the farming and ranching community and the appraisal district. 

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